Who We Are


Ashley-Drake Estes is a board-certified music therapist, and certified Neurologic Music Therapist, holding a Masters degree in science from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She is also the Co-Founder, Director, and Facilitator of Sing Out! International, a music therapy nonprofit organization committed to healing and rehabilitating communities around the world that have been affected by trauma.

Prior to studying music therapy, Ashley-Drake was an aspiring opera singer living and training in New York City. Although there was much reward in performance, Ashley-Drake felt a certain emptiness in her heart accompanied with an overwhelming desire to use her gifts of music to help others. Through her extensive training as a music therapy student, Ashley-Drake learned the true power of music and its ability to heal and rehabilitate one’s emotional, social, physical, and mental wellbeing. Ashley-Drake discovered her passion for neurology in her schooling and acquired an advanced training certification in Neurologic Music Therapy from the R.F Unkefer Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy at Colorado State University. Ashley-Drake was able to implement aspects of her training while she interned at a neurorehabilitation center for traumatic brain injuries.

Ashley-Drake and her business partner combined their passions for music, community, neurology, and trauma, and created Sing Out! International. Ashley-Drake plans to lead domestic projects in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, while aspiring to work with international communities as a way to help them heal, cope, and process their trauma.


Haden Minifie is a board-certified music therapist with a Masters of Science in Music Therapy from SUNY New Paltz. She is the Co-Founder, Director, and Facilitator of Sing Out! International, a nonprofit music therapy organization committed to healing the world through music.

Haden discovered how music can unite people and inspire change while she was a member of Power of Song, a youth empowerment music program envisioned by Pete Seeger and affiliated with the Clearwater organization. Power of Song was created to guide the next generation of environmental leaders in writing and parodying songs with an awareness of political and social issues. While a member of Power of Song, Haden was fortunate to perform with Pete Seeger several times on different stages, experiencing firsthand how songs can inspire a movement. Her work in Power of Song while completing her graduate studies at SUNY New Paltz helped Haden realize her passion for working with communities within a music therapy context. Haden spent the better part of last year working as a music therapist with individuals with acquired brain injuries, and this led her to find a way to combine her interests in community music therapy and working with those who have experienced trauma.

She co-founded Sing Out! International with her business partner, and plans to co-lead at least one annual international music therapy program, in addition to several regional and domestic programs throughout each year to help individuals in communities express, process, and cope with the trauma they have experienced.