The founders, Ashley-Drake Estes & Haden Minifie in Kitende, Uganda

Sing Out! International is a music therapy organization whose mission is to promote emotional healing in traumatized communities around the world through the power of music and song. By creating a calm and nurturing environment for trauma survivors to express and process their experiences using evidence-based, clinical music therapy practices, communities can heal together and move forward.

The co-founders, Ashley-Drake Estes and Haden Minifie, are two board-certified music therapists with master’s degrees in music therapy. Together, Estes and Minifie are implementing international community music therapy work they envisioned as part of their graduate work. Recently, Estes and Minifie traveled to Uganda and provided six weeks of music therapy for former child soldiers, abductees, and orphans at Hope North School.

Sing Out! International leads at least one international music therapy project as well as multiple national/domestic projects each year to promote community healing and expression through music therapy.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I humbly recommend such a wonderful and life-changing initiative.
    God cannot over look such an effort directed towards the restoration of the traumatized’ peace of minds.
    I, in all respect adore such a move so rare.
    I take a bold face to challenge the world t look at one another with compassion.


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